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Important Thoughts About Joining The US Air Force

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Should I join the US Air Force or … ?

Before joining the US Air Force or any branch of the US Military, you may want to do your homework by researching schools and jobs that you may have an interest. In fact, you should do such research before even talking to a recruiter. By doing so, you’ll know the questions to ask that will best benefit you in the long run. By ‘long run’ I mean your life-long career!

Begin with asking, ‘what is my gift’ or ‘what would I like to do if I had to do it for free?’ Then google these job titles along with each of the military branches. Read all you can about each job. If possible, contact someone who is an active or military veteran who worked this job in the past or present.

At the end of the day, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life. It may dictate happiness in your career for years or decades, not to mention your finances.

One last thing, consider looking for a training school and career path that has promising opportunities when you one day depart from the military. It may be a fleeting thought now, but I promise one day it will magnify.

As a military veteran, and not a recruiter or government employee, the Air Force is one of the military branches that commands respect, authority, and intelligence. I am not saying the other branches are not, it’s just the Air Force seems to strive over-and-beyond on education, technology and advancement.

Thanks for reading my long-winded recommendation. I hope it helps.

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